Is It A Good Idea To Buy Pinterest Followers

Pinterest as you all know is a very good platform for people who want to get attention from people all around the world. The chances you content midget views by more people in 24 hours is more as compared to any other forum or blog. The reach of images is always high as compared to written content and this is why people utilize Pinterest to get more views on their websites through these pins. 

Apart from promotions and creating real and catch content, users also try to expand their network by buying more followers. You can easily Buy Pinterest Followers from many websites but is it a good way to expand your viewer base or not? Read about the pros and cons of buying Pinterest followers here.

Pros Of Buying Pinterest Followers

The most apparent advantage would be that you appear as you or the company is famous. This is focusing on developing Pinterest users that haven’t viewed your page previously. 

Purchasing Pinterest re-pins will help your pins appear like they’re really engaged. These seem to come from dormant profiles, but they’re always going to make you seem really involved, and it’s interesting to share and think you’re great.

The next advantage is that you get views on your content, even if they are not real but they are counted as real views on your page and if you have google Adsense linked to your page, you are surely getting paid for it.

Cons Of Buying Pinterest Followers

When you buy Pinterest subscribers or re-pins, certain Pinterest buddies will look like you’re killing them. Yet bots can see through your pins. 

Pinterest’s algorithm operates on interest indicators. Practically, this ensures that even when your updates receive a lot of interaction, Pinterest will feature you quite frequently and also at the peak of the page. If you share anything but nobody enjoys or re-pins the articles, you’re going to become less important. 

Facebook used Edge ranking to relate to the idea of content filtering dependent on visibility criteria. I’m going to call Pinterest ‘s ratings on pinners and pins like Pinrank. More and more people who follow you don’t think your pin is significant, the further your Pinrank declines. The higher the Pinrank starts going down, the fewer common pins will be shown at the top of the search page of Pinterest. So if you’ve bought some Pinterest followers, always try to keep your rank up.

Another reason why you should not buy Pinterest followers is that you are violating the Pinterest policies and Pinterest will block or suspend your account for doing so. There are many accounts that got banned due to buying excessive numbers of followers and challenging the policy.

There is one more reason for not buying those fake followers and it is because you get nothing but low searches for your feed after some time. Once you buy fake followers or re-pins you will get an enormous amount of traffic for 3-4 days and after that, your traffic gets hit drastically and it will show that your posts are not worthy enough to be shown to the people and at the end, you will lose all the potential views you had.


As you must have seen that there are more cons as compared to the pros of buying Pinterest followers. However, even if you buy those followers or re-pins, keep sharing original content as well and always try to rank up manually as well.

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