Gaming And Social Media

Most common things in the present scenario, we all love to play games and engage yourself on social media whenever we get a little bit of time. But why do we do that? That’s because we sense a little happiness when we are engaging yourself in gaming and scrolling down our social media applications.this thing is very common between all generations, from a five year old kid to a 65 year old adult we all are investing our free time on these things eventually. These two things have impacted our social life very much that we can enjoy even if there is no one around us. You can experience the feel good moment every time you use any of these things anywhere. 

Gaming Feels Good??

Investing our time in paying games was my favourite hobby in the past as I was free and no one was there for me to go out and have some fun. I played games on my playstation for hours and never felt like i am alone here or I needed somebody beside me. Frankly speaking, I was so addicted to it that I do not ever wanted to go out on my house. This was my happy time, time when is felt good. It can be a case for anyone who loves to play games. This can turn out to be a feel good moment in anyone’s life who is a lot more interested in this type of time. For a gamer it is something that brings a smile on his face. It is really addicting but we all should go out as well to pay some physical games for a healthy and balanced life.

Feels Good Moments With Social Media

Social Media is a similar kind of thing which takes your time and you will never feel tired even after using it again and again in your whole day. Everyone now are coming to social media and connecting with new people and this is a new trend which will last for a very long time. Watching funny images and videos can easily light up you sad mood and you will feel a little stress free and relaxed from your tension of work. Many people are working only on social media and making money from these platforms. Interesting interface attracts you and you feel good while scrolling down you feed seeing what’s funny happening in my neighborhood, how many people are following me. This is another time consuming yet interesting thing which can easily make you happy and alive.

When these things make you happy but at the same time they are affecting your work life too. Investing so much time here only for entertainment purpose might lift your mood and you feel good after that but you should always try to restrict these things to a certain level in you life. Addition of these things may feel good in the short run but you will definitely regret time wasted on these platform in the long run. 

If you are doing it because it makes you feel good that it is fine and continue with this if it puts a smile on you face and you feel a little happy after using it. Keep smiling and keep sharing.

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