Differentiating Between Youtube Music & Spotify Music

There is a variety of music streaming platforms in the world but the most commonly used platforms that have a very large user base are youtube music and Spotify music. Now, you must be thinking if both are used for music streaming then what’s the difference between these two music streaming platforms. Well, they both share a different user interface and some exclusive features of their own. They both are different due to many reasons and some of the major reasons are listed below.


Both Spotify and youtube music offers users a free subscription where users can listen to their favorite music but you’re going to get advertisements in between your music flow. However, they both have subscription options where Spotify offers a subscription from one day to the whole year but youtube music offers only a monthly subscription. Spotify’s monthly subscription is for INR 129 per month whereas youtube music offers the monthly subscription at INR 99 only. You can even choose the yearly plan on Spotify with INR 1189 per year.


Both the applications have their own exclusive features, they both have some pros and some cons when it comes to features but it can be an individual preference to choose between them. Spotify offers crossfading of tracks for 12 seconds, plays over other devices if connected to the same wifi network, audio downloads, syncing playlists across devices, and broadcast features to allow other apps like Tinder, Instagram, and clothes to know what you are listening to. On the other hand, YouTube music’s biggest feature is that you can switch from audio to video songs anytime, Double tap to move further 10 seconds, google subtitles support, review the history to know what you were listening to before and adjust the sound from the phone’s equalizer settings.

Availability On Platforms

Youtube music is supported by all the iOS and Android-based platforms, so you can use any smartphone, tablet, or any other devices running this software to stream music through a youtube music application while for windows there is no separate app, and you have to use the web browser for this purpose. Spotify on other hand offers applications for PlayStation, Xbox, Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. Spotify has more availability across platforms. 

Content Of Application

Both the applications have a very rich collection of music and podcasts. They both have the same algorithm and the feed of both the application displays the content according to your searches and mood. They both have different playlist options where you can switch according to your mood and listen according to your choice. But in comparison to Spotify, youtube music allows you more remixes, more cultural music, and more songs from all over the world due to its integration with youtube.

For Artists

Both the platforms are very essential for artists as they both are widely used platforms for music streaming but as compared to Spotify, youtube music allows artists to get a higher reach and it pays the artist really well. On the other hand, Spotify pays less and has a small user base as compared to YouTube music. Youtube allows video content as well and as you all know video content has a greater reach among the audience. On the other hand, to increase your monthly listeners, artists can buy Spotify Monthly Listeners for a reasonable price from online websites selling genuine users to the artists.

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